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Custom Software Development
specializing in Mobile Apps
and Cloud Services

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Let us help you create a Mobile App or extend your systems with new Mobile App technology.

Alternatively, we may find other areas where our software development expertise can help meet your needs.

DBFoundry is a custom software development services firm. Our developers have many years experience in many areas of software development and system operations.

Our emphasis is on Mobile Apps, backed by realtime databases, cloud services, and the other back-end databases and systems that make your overall solution work.

We are based in metro-Atlanta, and we can easily visit you at your US-based location. We can
(1) supplement your development team,
(2) develop software for you, then train your team to maintain and operate it, or
(3) develop, maintain, and operate the software for you on an ongoing basis

Our approach to Mobile App development is to write the app as a "hybrid app". This means that we write it using web technologies and deploy the same identical app three different ways:
(1) as a native iOS app in the iOS/iTunes App Store,
(2) as a native Android app in the Google Play App Store, and
(3) as a web app accessible by all users with a web browser.