Online Database in the Cloud

Imagine you could collect and share all of the data you wanted to with your colleagues, friends, or family... information about products or people or customers or websites or tasks or events. Create your own tables, reports, graphs, dashboards, sharing access with just exactly whom you wish.

Easier than a Spreadsheet

The problem with databases is that they are complicated. We've made this one dirt simple. Whether or not you know how to use a spreadsheet, you can use this database.

More Secure than your own PC

There are a lot of threats on the internet. The security precautions we've taken make storing data on DBFoundry more safe than your own PC, and we can make it as safe as your IT Department requires.

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Unlimited Users

You don't need to worry about limited user licenses. Share your data with all of the friends and colleagues you want. You can even share data you want to with the whole world.

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Room for Growth

The worst thing you can do is start with a service that is going to limit you in the future. With DBFoundry's infrastructure upgrades, your online database becomes more capable and more seamlessly integrated with your business branding and internal systems. No one can tell you aren't running it yourself.

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A Strategic IT Component

Many IT Departments have implemented Data Warehouses and Business Intelligence projects. DBFoundry can complement these efforts, becoming a component of every company's Data Warehousing strategy.

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First 1GB Free Forever

Our service doesn't trick you. The first 1GB of your database is free now and forever. Only when your needs grow do you need to pay even a bit.

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Free Software Download

We at DBFoundry want to make your life easier. We offer "dbfront", a Free Software (GPL) application, a front-end for your internal databases. This makes it easier for everyone in your company to see vital data stored internally. Ask your IT Department to look into downloading and installing "dbfront" on your company network.

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If however the services described here sound interesting to you and you want to be kept abreast of progress, please contact us.
So please pardon us while this site is under construction. Some pages may not be fully filled out yet.
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